Elected officials themselves, and the members of the Election Commission, are responsible for carefully revising the registration books and the poll books of the many voting precincts, and erasing from those books the names of all persons erroneously listed, or who are deceased, removed, or have become disqualified as electors from any cause, and register the names of all persons who have duly applied to be registered and have been illegally denied registration. They are also responsible for printing the ballots for general elections and making reports of the results to the Secretary of State.

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Adams County Courthouse

Main Number: (601) 445-7905
Fax: (601) 304-8080

Larry Gardner: (601) 304-8041
Shelly Frazier: (601) 304-7831
Doris Rice: (601) 304-8026
Tracy Gaude: (601) 304-7830
Frances Bailey: (601) 304-7832
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