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Mississippi's First County

Adams County is rich in history and traditions.  It is located in the brown loam soil area of the Southwest part of the state along the lower Mississippi River, bordering the state of Louisiana.  Named for President John Adams, it was the first Mississippi county to organize in the Mississippi Territory in 1798.  The first capital for the state was located in Adams County in 1817.

Adams County government strives to provide and maintain the fundamental services that assure the needs of its citizens and allow them to obtain and continue the highest quality of life. We aspire to:

  • Preserve and protect the public health, safety, welfare and environment for all citizens, without discrimination;
  • Provide services that are efficient, of high quality, and accessible to all and in a timely fashion;
  • Create an atmosphere of progressive government that is corporate friendly in order to entice industry to our community;
  • Balance the emphasis of government, which will provide an attractive climate for tourism; and
  • Be responsible leaders, open to the public, and serve with integrity, reliability, honesty and fairness.
  • ADA Compliance

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Garbage Update

We just finished a call with Metro Service Group, our new garbage collection company. Beginning tomorrow morning Wednesday, November 28, Metro will begin picking up the backlog of missed garbage. There will be two trucks running the rest of the week solely for the backlog (we have a full list of backlogged roads so no need to report). On Thursday & Friday two more additional trucks will run the normal collection routes. By Monday, December 3 everything will be running like normal. After Monday, everything will be the same, your trash will be picked up the same days and the rates will be the same. Like many other challenges in Adams County we know this has been a headache but in 5 days things should be back to normal.

Open Public Meeting Advertisement for Adams County Hazard Mitigation Plan

On Monday, May 21st @ 10:00, in the Adams County Board of Supervisors Office Building, located at 314 State Street, a meeting will be held to adopt the MEMA District 7 Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan which includes Adams County and the City of Natchez, as well as several other neighboring counties. This plan is intended to help protect the citizens of the county and any reduce risk to hazards.

The plan is available for public viewing and comment online at the following website:


If you have any questions or comments, they can be directed through the website.