Natchez-Adams County Airport

Natchez-Adams County Airport provides air access to Natchez, Adams County, and Southwest Mississippi. It is an all weather, general aviation airport operating with a Class IV Air Carrier certificate.

The airport is an uncontrolled field with two lighted runways and offers line service on a 24 hour basis year-round. Whether you fly an ultralite, a Boeing 727, or a military helicopter, our trained linemen are ready to fuel and service your aircraft, and our friendly staff will make your stay a memorable one. We are an Air BP aviation dealer offering both 100LL and Jet A trucks for into plane delivery. Military contract fuel sales are welcome.

Tie downs are free, a 2;8-volt ground power cart is on standby, and hangar space is available upon request.

The terminal building has a small meeting room, flight planning, and a weather radar on site. Coffee and ice are offered. Rental vehicles are supplied by local car rental agencies by making reservations in advance: Enterprise, 601-442-4600.

Airport History

The Natchez-Adams County Airport property was received from the Corps of Engineers in 1946 under the Defense for Land (DELAND) program for coastal defense. In the military style of the day, three runways were constructed. Today, only two of the runways are in service.

The terminal building was built by the City of Natchez and Adams County in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Agency. Upon completion in March 1959, the airfield was renamed and the terminal building was dedicated to the honor of T. M. Hardy Jr. and V. M. Anders. These two individuals were the first U. S. Airforce pilots from this community to lose their lives in WWII. The terminal building reflects the antebellum style of the area.

In December 2003, the terminal building was named The Simmons Terminals Building in honor of Billy Simmons (former director) and in memory of Helen Simmons for their many years of dedicated service to the airport.    Between the early 1950s and the late 1980s, and again briefly in the mid-90s, airline service was offered at the airport.

The airport has a five-member board, the Adams County Airport Commission, which is appointed by the county Board of Supervisors.

Over the years, the two runways have been upgraded. Signs, as well as lighting, have been added and improved upon, bringing the airport in line to hold an air carrier certificate.

Airport Services

Hours of operatrion.. 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily

Credit Cards Accepted:
BP – Air BP – Sterling BP
Visa – Mastercard – Discover
American Express – Multiservice
AV Card – DOD Contract (Jet A)

Runway and Lighting Information

Runway 13-31 6500’ x 150’ Asphalt – HIRL & PAPIs
Runway 13 Medium Intensity Approach
Lights with Runway End Identifying Lights
Radio Controlled 122.8 3 times low, 5 medium, 7 high
Runway 18-36 5000’ x 150’ Asphalt

MIRL – Runway 18 VASI


Instrument Approaches and Frequencies

Runway 13 – ILS 111.35/VOR/DME 110.0
Runway 18 – VOR 110.0/NDB .388

Houston 120.97 (IFR Clearance on ground) – AFSS 122.1T/110.0R
AWOS 124.67 – Field Elevation 272’ – Indentifier: HEZ


Contact Information

434 Airport Road, Natchez, MS 39120
Director of Aviation: Ronald Hall
Operations 601-442-3142
Director/Fax 601-442-5171AWOS 601-446-8022  601-442-4333
Greenwood AFSS 1-800-992-7433 
Aircraft Maintenance: C.R. Gibson, cell 601-597-1054, home 601-442-8192
Flight Instruction: Tom Borum, 601-442-5522